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Periodical Categories

  • Scientific Reports
  • Hypotheses, Discussions, Reflections
  • Researches by Young Scientists
  • Modern School

Comments to the periodical categories:
The periodical sections do not limit the author in variability of the material to be submitted or in innovative creative work which can push the envelope of the proposed categories.

Categories may be supplemented if the work is really promising, and, of course, matches the conceptual focus of the scientific and theoretical periodical: personnel development in all human activities.

  •  Центр методической и технической  поддержки внедрения ИКТ в деятельности  ОУ и обеспечения доступа к  образовательным услугам и сервисам
  • Дистанционное  обучение
  • Региональный центр  по  сопровождению ДО детей инвалидов