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Review Procedure

1. Articles are accepted and reviewed for 1—1.5 months since the moment of their receipt to the Editorial Board Department.
2. The first "filter" for selection of articles is to verify the conceptual and technical compliance with the stated requirements; the articles are checked for plagiarism, as well as for conformity with the periodical categories [see Periodical Categories section].
3. The second stage of reviewing is peer review by the editorial staff in accordance with the approved pattern of Scientific support of a system of advanced training concerning the following criteria:
A) Topicality.
B) Scientific style.
C) Scientific novelty.
D) Evaluation of results reliability.
E) Evaluation of theoretical and practical significance of the research.
F) Presence of conceptual perception of the findings and conclusions by the author; rational and irrational components of research results analytics. 
G) Final conclusion. Recommended/Not recommended for publication.
4. Within one week, the reviewer must deliver the review of the article to the editorial office of Scientific support of a system of advanced training in .pdf , as well as its hard copy. The review must be certified with his or her signature and a seal and signature of the responsible secretary of the scientific institution in which he or she is officially employed. 
5. Articles written by full and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences if he or she is the only of the first author of the article are not peer reviewed.
6. A finished review with an appropriate final remark (recommended or not recommended for publication) is sent to the author by email in pdf. with the details of the institutions and full name of the reviewer.
7. The outcome of the review may be three options for continuing cooperation with the author:
a) articles that do not meet the stated requirements for publication, and those that are not recommended for publication, shall not be published in the current issue of the scientific and theoretical periodical: the author is invited to resubmit the article that has been refined to match the standards and technical and conceptual idea of the periodical to be published in the next issue.
b) after passing two "filters" of the editorial staff, the article is recommended for publishing in the current issue of the scientific and theoretical periodical Scientific support of a system of advanced training but it needs to be adjusted in accordance with the parameters specified in the official review letter.
c) the article which corresponds to all stated requirements, as well as requirements for scientific novelty and ingenuity of research, is published in the current issue, and upon request, an official certificate with an affixed seal of the establishing organization on acceptance of work for publication may be sent to the author. 
8. If the reviewer does not recommend to publish the article, the author has a right to take an appeal during three weeks after receipt of the review by email. If consideration of the appeal by the editorial board of Scientific support of a system of advanced training finishes after preparation of the final layout of the current issue, and the board decides to accept the article, it can be published in the next issue of the scientific and theoretical periodical.
9. Within 15 days after receipt of the review, the editorial group must inform the author on possibility or impossibility of their further cooperation (in accordance with this stipulation, para. 7, subpara. a, b, c)
10. The editorial staff can edit and proofread the articles but not over 2—5% of the article.
11. The original copies of the reviews are stored in the editorial office of Scientific support of a system of advanced training.

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