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Procedure for Approval of Articles

Articles are accepted in accordance with the schedule:

Articles to issue 1 (January): until 21 March of the current year; publication: March of the current year.
Articles to issue 2 (April): until 21 June of the current year; publication: April of the current year.
Articles to issue 3 (July): until 21 September of the current year; publication: September of the current year.
Articles to issue 4 (October): until 21 December of the current year; publication: December of the current year.

  1. Articles are accepted only if they comply with the requirements for authors' final manuscripts (materials) at Articles Submission Guidelines (Требования к оформлению статьи) section.
  2. To have the article published, the author must provide certain documents as separate files:
  • the text of the articles including abstracts in hard copy (optional) and electronic form (by email) (required);
  • article title, abstract, key words in English and information about the author (surname, name, patronymics, academic degree, academic rank, various honourary degrees and titles, place of employment and position held, address, telephone number and email address) in hard copy and electronic form (by email).
  • if the article is accepted for publication, a contract with the author must be signed in accordance with Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and free Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/), type CC Attribution Share Alike (abbreviated as CC-BY-SA); to save efforts both of the licensee and the licensor, exchange of the signed documents is performed by email as .pdf files. (For the purposes of comprehensive informational support of the scientific community with regard to achievements of the personnel development sphere, we are launching a new project: upload of full-text periodical collections to Wikisource — a digital library, a part of Wikimedia meta-platform (a well-known project — WIKIPEDIA (encyclopedia) is only a segment of this system).)
  1. The article will be registered by a responsible employee of the editorial staff in the article register specifying the date of receipt, title, the author's full name and place of employment. The article will be assigned a unique registration number. These details will also be entered into the database.
  2. All articles planned for publication in periodical Scientific Support of Personnel Development are subject to reviewing and approval by the editorial staff, while all disputes arising in respect of articles with controversial decision regarding their publication made by reviewers of the editorial staff are considered at the meeting of the editorial board.
  3. On admission to the manuscript, it is initially reviewed and checked for compliance with the topic and formal requirements of the periodical. If the article is irrelevant, it will not be admitted, and the author will be notified about it.
  4. Then the article is sent for review by a reviewer elected from the editorial staff (internal review). The article can be also directed to an independent expert (to an external review).
  5. The reviewers are notified that the manuscripts are private property of the authors and are not subject to disclosure. The reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the articles for their own needs.
  6. The review is performed in an open form. If the author disagrees with the conclusions of the reviewer, he or she can get acquainted with the text of the review.
  7. Subsequent refinement process is supported by the relevant experts of the media's founder within the context of editorial analysis, editorial revision marks (literary editing), and proofreading before preliminary layout stage and further approval of the materials before approval of the layout original by the editor in chief.
  8. The periodical's articles accepted for publication in the next issue of the scientific and theoretical periodical Scientific Support of Personnel Development will be uploaded to aggregators of the ISPs, search engine systems, international and national library systems and citation systems as metadata and full texts:
  •  Центр методической и технической  поддержки внедрения ИКТ в деятельности  ОУ и обеспечения доступа к  образовательным услугам и сервисам
  • Дистанционное  обучение
  • Региональный центр  по  сопровождению ДО детей инвалидов