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Scientific and theoretical periodical: «Scientific support of a system of advanced training» («Научное обеспечение системы повышения квалификации кадров»)

The periodical was established by the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Continuing Professional Education Chelyabinsk Institute of Personnel Development and Continuing Education.

Registered in the International Register in Paris under number ISSN 2076-8907. The periodical is registered as mass media (Certificate of Registration ПИ No. ФС 77-38201 dated 26 November 2009).

We accept articles on the functioning of personnel development system for publication.

All incoming materials are subject to preliminary expert evaluation by the editorial staff.

Copies of the periodical are sent to the authors, as well as to the largest libraries of the country, and thus are accessible to a wider audience.

We invite you to get acquainted with the published materials and to become our author. For requirements for article submission and applications, see this link.

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